4 Inspired Lighting Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

With Winter now truly upon us, the shorter days and colder weather can cause some of us to have a case of the Winter Blues. The physiological and psychological changes experienced during the colder months can negatively affect some people’s mood, sleep and overall sense of wellbeing. We hope this isn’t you, but if you are feeling a little blue, here are some ways lighting can help fix that.  

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How To Choose The Perfect Pendant

Looking for a way to accessorise your home? Need a little sparkle? A way to add interest to an open plan space? A pendant light is the perfect solution. But wait! The temptation is great to find a pretty pendant online and buy it without a second thought, especially if your primary reason for buying is aesthetic. Who could blame you?

Pendant lights are beautiful (and completely Instagram-worthy! We see you, home decor bloggers). The thing is, there’s way more to buying a pendant light than just finding something that looks pretty. Read this article before you make any big purchases, and you’ll be able to make sure the first one you buy is your perfect match.

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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Even though bedrooms are primarily a place for sleeping, they shouldn’t be dark all the time. A bedroom should be a calm and tranquil space, where you can relax, read or snuggle up next to a loved one. Bedroom lighting is often overlooked and sometimes the simple solution of downlights are installed, but like other rooms in the house, a combination of lighting is needed to meet your needs. Whether that’s creating a light and bright space to get dressed in the morning or an intimate sanctuary where you can wind down after a long day, the right bedroom lighting should be able to transform your space from morning to night. Here’s a few tips that will help you get your bedroom lighting just right.

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