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Renovation & Reality TV - Lighting Lighting Lighting

The popular Channel Nine Australian reality series ‘The Block’ no doubt created an immense spike in DIY and home renovation initiatives since its inception in 2003. However the show had the most impact on the nation from 2011 onwards when they began filming in Melbourne. Not only did the viewing increase for the show by double, the Housing Industry Association discovered that the national spending on home renovations increased by $251 million every time the series has aired since then.

Reality television has had a huge impact on home renovation and this in turn has impacted the lighting industry. What once was a mere light fitting has now become more than just that. To light a room has evolved into an expression of style, and consumers are thinking very carefully when choosing light fittings for their homes. Many contestants on the ‘The Block’,’ Reno Rumble’ and ‘House Rules’ in hindsight have commented that lighting choices have been a pivotal element of their room reveal. A recent article from two past contestants on the ‘The Block: Sky High’ and the ‘The Block: Fans vs Favourites’, Alisa and Lysandra wrote that “most people disregard the importance of lighting” and that “if considered and planned carefully, it can completely transform your space!.”

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Image (Alisa & Lysandra's bathroom room reveal on 'The Block: Fans vs Favourites')


Alisa & Lysandra

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