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2017 Lighting Trend Report

The new year is upon us and so too are new trends in lighting and interior design.  It’s time to say goodbye to super polished elements like copper and marble, and hello to a more industrial and rustic aesthetic including raw and earthy textures.  Check out these top 5 trends you’ll be expecting to see in 2017.

  1. Oversized

Accenting a room with an oversized fixture will be a big hit in 2017.  Installing a large fitting in a room creates a WOW statement.  Rather than increasing the size of your TV this year, invest in a generous sized floor lamp to help make your space warmer and inviting.

  1. Adnor Floor Lamp
  2. Belle Floor Lamp


  1. Mid-Century Modern

With clean lines and minimalist shapes, this chic 20th century design trend is set to be in high-demand this year. It’s important to select fixtures with a hint of this era to reflect the connection. Think iconic and timeless and give these options a tick on your new year wish list….


  1. Caviar Wide Pendant
  2. Caviar Cone Pendant
  3. Pedro Table Lamp


  1. Architectural

Consumers are investing an enormous amount of money and time on their architectural features and lighting is the perfect medium to emphasise the detail. Consider using simple, structural fittings that move light along the walls like an extension of the build.

  1. Cannes Wall Light
  2. Cairo Wall Light
  3. London Wall Light


  1. Gold

2016 saw a great deal of love for all things copper, but designers seem to be shifting their palate to gold hues in 2017.  Gold provides warmth and looks great mixed with other metals like silver and brass to create a layered look.

  1. Cascade Pendant
  2. Claudia Table Lamp
  3. Gold Leaf Pendant


  1. Bejewelled

Rich and deep tones are set to make more of an appearance in interior colour schemes this year, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication.  This means the opportunity to accent with metallic, and sparkle is ever present.

  1. Diamond LED Filament Globe
  2. Roseanne Pendant
  3. Neve Pendant


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