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On Trend: Concrete Pendant Lights

When it comes to decorating your home there is no denying that introducing texture is key to creating layers. Pendant Lights not only provide functional lighting in your home but they add dimension, often through their texture.

Concrete Pendant Lights are the perfect example. Their soft muted tones of grey match most interior colour schemes and the matt and organic nature of their material renders them timeless in design.

Concrete Pendant Lights come in a range various shapes, textures and sizes to suit many rooms throughout the house.

Larger Pendant Lights such as the Pratella are perfect to make a statement over a kitchen island bench or dining table.

Smaller pendants like the Secchio are the perfect size for bedrooms using pendant lights instead of bedside lamps.

 If you have high ceilings you can also create a wow factor over a dining table by combining multiple pendants of various shapes and sizes, hung in a cluster at staggered heights. The Gennie, Ikon and Spectra are the perfect for this application.

With Lighting Lighting Lighting’s range of Concrete Pendants all under $100 each, it’s cheap and easy to update your style and get the look of high end interior design magazines without breaking the bank!

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