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Save money with LED Lighting

Cost efficient, energy-saving LED lighting has changed the way we light our homes and work. Each year, more and more people are saving money by switching to energy saving LED’s. The low quarterly electrical bills eventually pay for the greater investment of an LED lighting installation, and increased benefits to actual energy savings are the way of the future.

Energy saving LED downlights are a great option for residential and commercial properties to replace Halogen downlights. They supply warm and comfortable light with a 70% saving, about one-eighth that of halogen, and one-half that of fluorescent. LED downlights also run at a much cooler temperature, reducing fire risk. They operate at approximately 55 degrees versus a Halogen downlight which can reach temperatures of above 200 degrees.

LED downlights, are available in a multitude of colour temperatures. They can be successfully used to emulate the coolness of daylight or the warmth of the familiar halogen.

LED downlights such as the Brightgreen D700 offer a 60deg beam which assist in lighting a specific position, whereas the Nova LED Downlight has a broad flood-like beam which covers a greater surface area. Some LED can be adjusted to aim light at different areas, such as the Brightgreen D900. Directional gimble LED downlights are good for task lighting or to highlight art work and architecture.


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