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Cozy Copper Lighting Trend

One of the great characteristics that makes copper the perfect choice in decorating, is that it can be both masculine or feminine depending on what it is paired with. It is one material that has great flexibility in how it is finished and displayed. It can be dark or bright, dull or lustrous all depending on its finish. It doesn’t overwhelm or boast; instead it is subtle and can often ‘steal the show’.  

Because of its warm quality and the options of tones that are available due to different finishes, Copper Pendant Lights go well with nearly any interior design style. It’s really all about how much you choose to use and how you display it. Little accents of copper in Pendant Lighting can create a beautiful feature that can brighten and highlight your room. By using small copper feature pieces, such as the Code One Cordset or Helix Pendant, you are almost guaranteed that it will work in the style of each room of your house.

Where I see copper working its magic the most is in simple rooms with white walls, monochrome styling and then a hint of copper. It’s all you need to create a space that is modern, stylish and inspiring. Of course it does amazing things in other styles of design as well. If you have stark black walls, brightly polished copper in geometric shapes like the Tarbes Pendant can add a modern, bold statement piece to your room.

Spaces that have a cosy, opulent or exotic atmosphere work well with dark, rubbed or burnt copper as it adds to the mysterious and luxurious feel. Achieve this look with the Bell Pendant. Bright copper works well with pastels, which I’m sure you have seen trending in all the latest home magazines. When positioned with pattern, copper becomes the solid, soft colour that provides a resting place for the eye.

As you can see, copper is pretty versatile when it comes to styling in your home. Being a warm colour itself, it works well with pinks, reds, yellows and browns. However it also works beautifully with cool, dark and pastel colours such as blues, greens, greys and even charcoal or black.


Originally posted as Colour Guide to working with Copper via The Home Journal
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