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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

    Even though bedrooms are primarily a place for sleeping, they shouldn’t be dark all the time. A bedroom should be a calm and tranquil space, where you can relax, read or snuggle up next to a loved one. Bedroom lighting is often overlooked and sometimes the simple solution of downlights are installed, but like other rooms in the house, a combination of lighting is needed to meet your needs. Whether that’s creating a light and bright space to get dressed in the morning or an intimate sanctuary where you can wind down after a long day, the right bedroom lighting should be able to transform your space from morning to night. Here’s a few tips that will help you get your bedroom lighting just right.

    1. Good Lighting Requires Layering

    To create the best lighting for your bedroom, it’s essential to incorporate several different layers of lighting that work in conjunction with each other to offer the perfect look. Ambient light defines the general atmosphere of the room, this may not always mean downlights, but rather a ceiling mount light or wall sconces. Task lighting offers focused illumination for specific tasks such as dressing or reading, think bedside lamps or a corner pendant over a reading nook. Accent lighting will allow you to highlight a feature or focal point of the room, this could be a spotlight over an elegant artwork. A combination of all three lighting types will provide the perfect mix of functional illumination and ambience.

    2. The Importance of Bedside Fixtures    


    Bedside lighting has definitely evolved over the last few years. While traditional table lamps on either side of the bed are still one of the best ways to create subtle illumination and set the mood, placing sculptural pendant lights or wall sconces either side of the bedhead have risen in popularity are becoming a more popular choice. These are a great option which free up space on your bedside tables whilst making a style statement at the same time. Whether you choose lamps, pendants or wall lights, keep in mind that these lights will likely be the most used lights in the room, so consider the shade type, bulb selection and ensure they match the design style and colour scheme of the rest of the room.

    3. Size Matters

    Different sized rooms will have different requirements. If you have a small space, certain lighting techniques can help it appear bigger and if you have a large room, there are ways you can create a cosy and intimate feel. Measure the room from floor to ceiling as well as from side to side. Choose a combination of fixtures that will emit enough light to illuminate every corner of the room in the desired fashion. Be sure that your lighting options, such as a pendant or chandelier are proportionate to the size of the bedroom and existing decor.

    4. Create Ambience with Dimmer switches

    Dimmer switches allow you to instantly change the mood of the room, and this is so important in a bedroom. Considering the technology at our disposal these days, the options for dimming are endless – from traditional wall dimmers to apps on your phone and voice controlled smart bulbs, it’s never been easier to switch between a higher light output that’s perfect for reading a book to a low level output that will allow you to relax and meditate. While the other layers of lighting serve primarily as illumination, dimmers serve the secondary purpose - transforming the mood.

    5. Plan for Convenience

    If you’ve just finished reading a book and you’re ready to close your eyes, the last thing you want to do is have to climb out of bed to turn the lights off so it’s important to plan the placement and arrangement of light switches. Make sure the first source of light you need in the morning and the last light you need at night has a switch next to your bed. Even consider two-way switches so you have multiple points to turn off and on. You could even use smart bulbs that connect to your phone or device via an app for the ultimate convenience.

    Bedroom lighting should not be afterthought, it’s as important as the colour scheme and furnishings in creating a relaxing, comfortable and romantic atmosphere. At Lighting Lighting Lighting, we have everything you need to create the perfect bedroom illumination. From stylish bedroom lamps and contemporary pendants, to glamorous chandeliers and functional wall scones, shop our extensive range online today and find the combination of lights you need to enhance your bedroom style.
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