2016 Lighting Style Trends - Marble + Geometry

Lighting Trends 2016 Marble Geometry


Marble is having quite an impact on both the lighting design and interior design industry. The sleek texture represents a high-end look and really compliments a modern styled home. The material is extremely durable and its long life renders it quite the investment. You don’t need to splash out your space completely with marble, just a simple table lamp or a sleek pendant light to offer the tiniest touch can be enough to achieve this classic and timeless look... without breaking the bank.


Geometric patterns and styles are incredibly modern and look great at every angle. Subtlety is key when styling your space with geometric shapes. The style can bring such a strong sense of fun by using bold colours and shapes or can be completely refined and structured with a limited colour palette. 2016 will be another big year for the geometric style trend.