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Add Wow Factor with Wall Lights

Add Wow Factor with Wall Lights

Wall lights have become a very popular lighting choice in homes across Australia. An essential inclusion to a perfect layered lighting plan, wall lights can create beautiful ambience, add a stunning design feature or provide comfortable directional lighting for tasks, all while saving floor space and enhancing your design aesthetic. At Lighting Lighting Lighting, we aim to make high quality traditional and modern LED wall lights accessible to all Australian homes, because every home deserves great lighting. Here’s our guide to using wall lights in your home: 

Why Use Wall Lights?

Wall lights can serve a variety of functional and fashionable purposes including:

  • For homes with low ceilings, wall lights can be used to as design features or statement pieces, the way pendants could be used in homes with higher ceilings.
  • Wall lights that project light upwards can create a feeling of height and space.
  • Wall lights can instantly turn a flat wall into something decorative with dimension.
  • Many modern LED wall lights are designed to emit light up and down, adding depth, drama and structure to a room.
  • Directional wall lights can draw attention to a painting or work of art.

Using Wall Lights Throughout Your Home

Practical and stylish, wall lights are a versatile lighting choice that work perfectly in any room of the house.

In the bedroom

Space is often limited on bedside tables and on desks, so wall-mounted lighting options are an ideal choice for focused task lighting for reading or studying. A pair of wall lights either side of the bed will complement and work well in combination with the softer, ambient light from a ceiling light to create a calm, intimate atmosphere

In bathrooms

Contemporary bathrooms benefit significantly from modern LED wall lights. Available in multiple shapes to accommodate the layout of any bathroom, wall lights provide excellent illumination next to the mirror for applying make-up, shaving and hair styling.

In dining rooms

Wall lights will provide a layering element to your dining room lighting. Have ceiling and wall lights on while you eat, then switch off the ceiling lights. This will enable you to create a cosy, intimate ambience for after dinner conversation.

In living Areas

Wall lights are a great way to highlight framed photos or artworks, they also allow you to set the mood for relaxing in front of the television.

Entrances and hallways

If you’re looking for a unique way to brighten your entrance and hallway, modern wall lights are a great choice. They provide a warm welcome for your guests in the entryway while wall lights spaced evenly down a hallway create an inviting glow that leads you into the rest of the house. 


Exterior wall lights work perfectly at the front and back of any home. The front porch is an excellent location for an outdoor wall light as it will provide safety at the front door, while at the same time adding a decorative element that boosts curb appeal. Wall lights are also a great addition to alfresco areas and outdoor living spaces, providing subtle illumination for barbeques and social gatherings.

Wall Lights for Every Décor Style


Depending on the type of lighting you need, you'll find integrated LED wall lights ranging from those that provide soft, ambient illumination, to bright LED wall lights that are great for tasks such as reading. From contemporary to traditional interiors, there is a wall light fixture to suit any application and any décor style. In modern homes, look for sleek fittings with clean lines and chic finishes such as matte black, crisp white and metallics. Retro shapes and styles will suit mid-century modern homes, while fittings with exposed Edison bulbs will blend seamlessly into the modern industrial look. If your home is Scandinavian style, choose pale timber fittings, if you’re after a Hamptons vibe, beautiful brass accents and white-washed timbers will pair well with your space. For energy efficiency, look at the assortment of LED wall lights available, as LED wall lights have a sleek modern design, while also being eco-friendly and long-lasting.

If you are looking for stunning decorative and practical wall lights to enhance your décor, then browse our huge range online today. From modern LED wall lights to traditional sconces and statement fittings, we have scoured the globe to bring stylish and affordable wall-mounted lighting options to every Australian home. Shop now.

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