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Art Deco 101


Art Deco 101

After nearly 100 years the Art Deco style is making a very popular return. Particularly in lighting, the Art Deco style is still featured in many celebrated designer collections, simply because the clean lines and Americana feel remain modern and timeless. From the 1920’s to 2016, Art Deco is still the definition of luxury and elegance, combining rich colours, bold geometry and decorative detail to enhance modern spaces with ease.

Although Art Deco style is a mashup of several unique style elements, it tends to be very versatile.  It is sophisticated and elegant and offers richness to the simplicity of 21st century architecture.

Traditional Art Deco is over the top, busy, bold and confident, drawing maximum attention to the space.  However, in a contemporary home, the décor tends to be minimalistic, paired back and more cosy for a family to enjoy.  So how do you merge the old Art Deco glamour, into the new world… with LIGHTS of course!


Here are some when choosing Art Deco lighting for your home:

1. Bold colours

    Add a pop of colour, especially rich reds, pinks, yellows and blues. The use of such hues are synonymous with the Art Deco era. 

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    2. Geometric Design

    The Art Deco movement had a strong tie to bold geometric shapes and designs. Most lighting from this era contains elements like zig-zag lines and jumbled forms to represent the break from the more natural Art Nouveau style, prominent before Art Deco.  Therefore, shape is the most important principle when considering an Art Deco style. Just be sure to keep the lines simple and clean.

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    3. Glamour

    Create dimension in the space in the form of material and texture, rather than colour.  An essential part of the Art Deco style was evoking drama, so opt for fittings made from chrome and brass metals along with anything shiny like opal glass and mirror.

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