Bathroom Lighting 101

Bathroom Lighting 101 - Lighting Lighting Lighting

Are you currently renovating or thinking about updating your bathroom and have no idea where to start when it comes to lighting and lighting placement? Never fear, Lighting Lighting Lighting have the perfect Bathroom Lighting 101 guide to help you to maximise the light within your space effectively, efficiently and safely.

  • Place wall lights or pendants evenly on either side of your mirror at about eye level to create a flattering light across your face.
  • Do not hang a pendant light over your bath UNLESS it’s 12V (low voltage) and IP44 rated (water resistant).
  • To increase intensity for function, place a down light directly above the basin. This will help to bounce light back to the underside of your face.
  • Over light your vanity. The reflected light will light up most of your bathroom.
  • Never place your main source of light away from the vanity or behind where you stand as it will only create shadowing.
  • Install a decorative fitting somewhere in the area for ambience.
  • Only down lights with an IP44 rating (water resistant) or higher are suitable for use inside the shower.
  • Don’t forget to style your new bathroom with some towels, a pot plant or maybe a stylish floor rug.