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Enhancing Your Interior with LED Wall Lights

Enhancing Your Interior with LED Wall Lights


When it comes home lighting plans, wall lights are often overlooked in favour of more traditional lighting sources such as pendants and downlights, however with a little creativity, wall lights can add depth to your lighting scheme and create an ambience that might otherwise be lacking. Both functional and stylish, wall lights come in a wide array of styles and serve many purposes. Whether it’s to provide illumination for safety, accentuate architectural features and artwork, add task lighting or serve as decorative feature on their own, wall lights can take the sophistication of your interior to the next level.

Why Are Wall Lights Important?

Wall lights are an important part of a layered lighting plan, and add both form and function to the overall design scheme of an interior. When the term ‘wall light’ is spoken, often many people automatically think of an old fashioned ornamental sconce that provides very little useful illumination. While this may have been true in the past, modern LED wall lights have come a long way and now not only do they provide a decorative design feature, they serve many important functions including task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting.

Where Does Wall Lighting Work Best?

Most commonly used in hallways and bathrooms, however wall lights can be used in any room in the house. Working alongside ceiling lights such as pendants and downlights, wall-mounted fixtures provide a complementary and supplementary illumination to a space. Helping to create a warm atmospheric effect and alleviate glare, wall lights are a great choice in bathrooms as they can be installed at face height, producing an even glow and removing shadows. A practical alternative to traditional table lamps in a home office bedroom, wall lights are a practical alternative to freeing up your horizontal surfaces for your tasks. In a hallway or living area, wall lights can be used to highlight artwork, while niches and other architectural details also benefit from wall-mounted lighting. A great tip is to keep wall lighting on separate switches to the other lights in the room as this allows for better control of the illumination in the room.

The Different Types of LED Wall Lights

There are a few different types of wall lights that all serve different functions:

Up Lights – these send light upwards, washing a wall with light. These are great when it comes to providing subtle atmospheric illumination                   

Up/Down Lights – some wall brackets or wall sconces send light both up and down the wall, washing light in both directions

Reading and Swing Arm Lights – these lights have adjustable arms or components that allow you to move the light to where you need it. They often have an in built switch making them easy to turn off and on

Vanity lights - designed for even and glare-free illumination perfect for shaving or applying make up

Spot Lights – used to accent or draw attention to artwork or architectural features 

Adding Wall Lights to a Room Design

Wall lights can easily be integrated into and complement your current décor style. First, determine what purpose the wall light will serve. Will it be used to highlight a piece of artwork? Will it be used in place of a lamp for reading? Or will it be used to add a warmth and glow to a dark space?

Secondly, is your need focused more on decoration or function? Many wall lights do offer both but if you determine whether you want your wall light to seamlessly blend into its surroundings or stand out as a design feature this will help with your selection. Whether your style is monochromatic and modern, high end luxe, traditional, Hamptons or rustic country, there is an abundance of energy efficient LED wall lights available in almost every size, shape and colour. Wall lights add a refined design element to a space and create an illumination that you just can’t get from other forms of lighting.

Need more advice on adding wall lights to your home? At Lighting Lighting Lighting our staff are passionate about helping our customers achieve the perfect lighting look for their interior. Browse our huge range of LED wall lights today or contact our friendly team for expert advice.

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