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How To Use Task Lighting At Home

How To Use Task Lighting At Home

Now more than ever, we are spending more time in our homes either working, creating, studying, or simply getting things done. All of which you need the correct lighting to see what you are doing! Task lighting is a great solution, but what kind of task lighting do you need? Where should it go? Let’s chat about out a few solutions for task lighting in your home.

(Above: Galleria Table Lamp | Photo via @InteriorsAddict)

The Kitchen

Task lighting doesn’t have to mean an unattractive small lamp you shove on the corner, Instead it could mean selecting the correct pendants above your kitchen island so you can see what you’re chopping on the bench with no annoying shadows.  

The kitchen is one of the most used zones in our homes, so choosing something that looks great and functions well are an absolute must. Consider multiple pendants over the bench top for a beautiful wash of light as well as LED strips under cabinetry to illuminate your workspace. Use downlights as your backup light source here for when you require more lighting at times such as cleaning and reading the fine print of the recipe!

(Above: Hinaki Pendants by David Trubridge | Photo via @Architonic)

The Living Room

Whether you’re lounging around, knitting, watching T.V or helping your little ones become Picasso, so much can happen in this area of your home, so it’s important to layer your lighting. This will enable you to have more control over the functionality of the space and create the right light for what is required.

The combined efforts from a table or floor lamp and either dimmable downlights or a feature pendant are the most popular options for this space. If you’re someone that likes to change the look and feel of your home with the season, lamps will be your best friend as they are the easiest and cheapest way to update a space.

The Home Office

Whether you have been working from home for a long while or little while, this is quite possibly the most important room to have correct lighting. Good lighting over your workspace that avoids creating shadows, such as the use of a desk lamp or floor lamp that focuses downward will help you get the job done.

If you’re looking at your computer screen for hours on end, consider a warmer light for your desk space to relax your brain from the bright, white light on screen. However, if you’re focusing on something off screen, a more natural white light will help show true colours and help keep you alert.

(Above: Swede Floor Lamp | Photo via @InsideFourLines)

The Bedroom

Reading, studying or getting dressed – lighting will help with all three! Bedside lamps or wall lights are preferable here as you can access them from your final position of the day. You can really benefit from task table lamps in the bedroom as some come with features such as USB ports, or wireless stations for your phone – the less cords the better right?!

There’s nothing worse than being woken up by a stark downlight shining into your eyes, choosing a lamp with a dimmable option will help you to not disturb your partner. One more thing – always use a warmer light in the bedroom to help relax and create some mood when you need it!

(Above: Kirsten Wall Light)

No matter what room of your home, lighting is such a crucial element to get right for the well-being of everyone in it! At Lighting Lighting Lighting we have lights for every room available online as well as advice from our friendly expects just one phone call away. Shop Now!

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