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Interior Lighting Design 2020 Golden Trends

Interior Lighting Design 2020 Golden Trends

When we say golden, we mean just that! If you’ve been on the internet or in anyone’s homes recently, you would have noticed flecks of gold scattered throughout. This is due to the fact gold is the hottest trend in modern homes, art deco homes, urban homes and everything in between. Gold, soft gold, champagne, brass, old brass, gold mesh are just a few of the tones people are loving, let’s take a look how!

(Above: Cortaderas 5 Light Pendant)

Gold Interior Design

The rumours are true. Bigger IS better. When it comes to designing your lighting plan, don’t be afraid to make a statement with some large, bold pieces. Lighting always serves a functional purpose, but in certain areas of your home you can create a feature. Modern brass pendant lights, statement chandeliers, or even oversized floor lamps or table lamps will bring that WOW factor to your home.… which brings us to our next point.

(Left: Decaro Pendant | Right: Vogel Floor Lamp)

Table and Floor Lamps

Adding brass floor lamps or golden table lamps in the corner of your rooms, will instantly spice up the mood in your home (hello bedroom). We all want a little ambience once the sun goes down, so why not choose some interesting pieces to talk about with a glass of wine. Black and gold floor lamps have been popular choices in modern homes, while Scandinavian style table lamps with a touch of gold work well in coastal homes.

(Above: Addison Floor Lamp)

Soft Gold

Everyone’s attention has been focused on soft, muted colours such as light grey, millennial pink, and neutral colours as of late, so it’s no surprise soft gold has come to the front of the style pack. Soft gold maintains the warmth of gold but with a heavenly matte finish. This makes it an extremely popular choice for designers as it is a soft choice that can blend into almost any décor style, especially in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, where it’s minimalist touch has the biggest impact.

(Left: Madrid Pendant | Right: Allure LED Table Lamp)

Mix and Match

A style that’s a little less traditional however capturing interior designers attention, is to mix and match your fittings. This style is usually created in a larger room such as the dining, where a cluster of pendants (both) can own the space and create a dramatic effect. Abstract light fittings with a matte gold finish create a truly unique look and are perfect if you want to personalise your style.


Keeping up with the latest lighting trends is easy when you have the right tools, that’s where Lighting Lighting Lighting can save the day! Browse our huge range of golden, glittery, glam light fittings and all of your interior style dreams can come true in a flash. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask us! We don’t bite…promise!

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