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Decorating With Lamps - The DIY Decorator

Decorating With Lamps - The DIY Decorator

Decorating with Lamps

Choosing the right floor and table lamps when decorating is more important than you may think. Because these pieces are ones that are both decorative and functional in a space, taking the time to remember a few key things before you purchase will help you make sure you get it right first time, every time! In fact, choosing the correct lighting for a space can completely alter a room’s vibe and turn it from a dull, boring space into a cosy, inviting retreat.

(Above: Marilyn Table Lamp | Styled by @TheDIYDecorator)

It’s important to consider what the lamp is being used for and in what room. Areas such as kids rooms and study spaces often only need a smaller sized lamp which provides plenty of light. In an area such as a living room or bedroom, statement pieces that are both functional and decorative would be better suited.

Placement and size of your lamp, be it floor or table, is also very important. If your space is large, opt for a larger style floor lamp such as a tripod design, and vice versa for a smaller space. When it comes to using lamps on top of furniture, again, make sure that the lamp fits the furniture rather than being too large or small for it.

When choosing the style of your lamp, it’s a completely personal decision. If the lamp takes your fancy and will work well in your space, then that’s the lamp for you! Choose something that ties in with your other furniture and decor items, or mix things up and go with a design that stands out and becomes a statement piece.

(Above: Celeste Table Lamp)

Something we often forget when purchasing lighting items, is getting the correct bulb to go with it. Having the correct light output can make or break the purpose of using a lamp in a particular space. For spaces like the bedroom, softer lighting may be preferred, therefore a warm light will work great. Always opt for warm white bulbs to create mood and give a lovely glow to your room, and use cool white bulbs in areas that need a brighter light for concentration.

One of my favourite Australian lighting retailers is Lighting, Lighting, Lighting who offer a huge selection of lighting products including not only floor and table lamps, but also pendant lighting, smart lighting, fans and more. Stocking on trend lamps as well as more traditional designs, they have something to suit all interior styles at a great price point! With a flat rate shipping fee of just $15, they are definitely worth checking out next time you are on the market for a beautiful lighting piece for your home.

Zoe Gilpin - The DIY Decorator

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