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Lighting Lighting Lighting's Top 6 Interior Design Styles

Lighting Lighting Lighting's Top 6 Interior DesignStyles

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of interior design styling on your Instagram feed? Are you having trouble identifying which is which or what styles goes with what when it comes to styling your own home? We hear you!

We have listed our top 6 interior design styles with easy to follow guides on how to achieve those ‘on-trend’ looks you are constantly seeing on your favourite stylist’s news feed… along with our recommended lights to match of course!


Nordic Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting - Scandinavian

Scandinavian design, also referred to as ‘Scandi’, refers to the interior style originating from countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This is quite a popular and diverse interior design style, which has been on the scene for many years now. It is renowned for its craftsmanship, simplicity and warm pastel or earthy tones. The overall look is very white and light with a strong focus on natural, functional furniture.


Truro Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting - Industrial

Industrial interior design style is all about raw and exposed building materials. It’s an effortless look that can be achieved simply by stripping back the elements within your build or renovation to their natural state. You would normally see high ceilings, exposed beams, old recycled timber, metal light fixtures with an abundance of neutral tones.


Broadway LED Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting - Modern

Modern design actually relates back to Mid Century Modern of the 1920’s-1950’s. A modern styled space is a defined style that does not change and will contain clean crisp lines, a simple colour palette with no clutter. The term ‘Modern’ visually offers basic shapes with less decorative fuss in the furniture, light fittings and architecture.


Koper Series Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting

Try not to confuse Contemporary with Modern. Contemporary refers to a current style that is relevant today, of the here and now. The style collectively represents what is current and on-trend at this present moment. Contemporary may incorporate pieces from many different styles such as Modern, Industrial, Scandinavian or Minimalism. It is more fluid in the design style approach with no real set boundaries.


Caviar Cone Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting - Minimalist

Minimalist interior design style is exactly what the name suggests, minimal. Every element within the space is stripped back, with strong clean lines and zero decorative décor. The style uses functionality as its core motivation with a ‘less is more’ approach to the entire space. A muted colour palette is present, clean walls and plenty of negative space.


Artisan Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting - Bohemian

Bohemian style has made its way into Australian homes. The eclectic style reflects a carefree nature and lifestyle, containing globally inspired hand-made décor from market-type stalls. Bold patterns and bright colours are present with a close reference to interiors from the 60’s.

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