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Switch Off | Earth Hour 2017

Save the Date and Save the Planet. 

Earth Hour will celebrate its 10th year on March 25th 2017.  It is the world’s biggest campaign with participation from over 172 countries and 50-100 million people. By switching off for one hour during 8:30pm and 9:30pm (local time), the campaign aims to raise awareness about climate change and current energy consumption patterns.

Since Earth Hour started in Australia, we think it’s important for Aussies to ‘represent’ this initiative and be involved.  We’ve given you plenty of notice, so why not plan something fun for the night. Here are our Top 5 Ideas on how to spend Earth Hour this year:

  1. Candle Lit Dinner

Have a romantic candlelit dinner with someone special. A tasty dinner made from the Earth Hour’s own cook book. Filled with amazing dishes from Australia’s top chefs, Planet to Plate also contains information on how global warming is already affecting farmers and fresh produce.  We’re sure you’ll find something delicious.

Buy the book here:


  1. Play Board Games

In the essence of Earth Hour, what better way to bring people together than by spending a night with family and friends playing board games. Get everyone to dig their favourite game out of the cupboards and make it a competition.


  1. Stargazing

Bring a couple of chairs, blankets and hot chocolate and spend the hour starring up at the night sky.  The further out of the city you go the brighter the stars will become as there is less pollution, reinforcing the importance of Earth Hour.


  1. Night Cycle

The night can also be enjoyed in the city as well.  Continue the theme of saving carbon emission by ditching the car and getting on your bike to check out how your cities biggest landmarks have switched off for the evening.


  1. Meditation

While the lights are switched off, take the time to switch off your mind and try some mediation.  There will be no distractions from your electronic devices and it’s dark anyway once you close your eyes.


  1. Read

They say that devices before bed aren’t good for your health anyway, so while they’re switched off, pick up a good book and let your imagination take hold.  Or, read them aloud so everyone can get involved. Go a step further and make up your own stories – nothing too scary because the light will not be there to save you.


For more information or to get involved check out

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