Bathroom Lighting 101

Are you currently renovating or thinking about updating your bathroom and have no idea where to start when it comes to lighting and lighting placement? Never fear, Lighting Lighting Lighting have the perfect Bathroom Lighting 101 guide to help you to maximise the light within your space effectively, efficiently and safely.
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The Bulb Breakdown

If you have ever wondered what the difference between an LED, an Incandescent and CFL light bulb here’s your chance to be enlightened...

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Renovating + Reality TV

Reality television has had a huge impact on home renovation and this in turn has impacted the lighting industry. What once was a mere light fitting has now become more than just that. To light a room has evolved into an expression of style, and consumers are thinking very carefully when choosing light fittings for their homes.

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2016 Lighting Style Trends - Marble + Geometry

Marble is having quite an impact on both the lighting design and interior design industry. The sleek texture represents a high-end look and really compliments a modern styled home. The material is extremely durable and its long life renders it quite the investment. You don’t need to splash out your space completely with marble, just a simple table lamp or a sleek pendant light to offer the tiniest touch can be enough to achieve this classic and timeless look... without breaking the bank.

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Cozy Copper

One of the great characteristics that makes copper the perfect choice in decorating, is that it can be both masculine or feminine depending on what it is paired with. It is one material that has great flexibility in how it is finished and displayed.

It can be dark or bright, dull or lustrous all depending on its finish. It doesn’t overwhelm or boast; instead it is subtle and can often ‘steal the show’

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Save money with LED

Cost efficient, energy-saving LED lighting has changed the way we light our homes and work. Each year, more and more people are saving money by switching to energy saving LED’s.

The low quarterly electrical bills eventually pay for the greater investment of an LED lighting installation, and increased benefits to actual energy savings are the way of the future.

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On Trend: Concrete

When it comes to decorating your home there is no denying that introducing texture is key to creating layers. Pendant Lights not only provide functional lighting in your home but they add dimension, often through their texture.

Concrete Pendant Lights are the perfect example. Their soft muted tones of grey match most interior colour schemes and the matt and organic nature of their material renders them timeless in design.

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