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Pendants are a popular choice for bathroom lighting because they are decorative and functional, creating a luxurious mood perfect for a powder room, and allowing you to put light exactly where you need it. This makes pendants and chandeliers for bathroom lighting (and other hanging bathroom lights) a great choice regardless of the style of the interior design.

The best lighting for bathrooms puts function first. A bathroom pendant light should be able to withstand water and steam, especially if it is placed over a bath or in another high steam area. Depending on the placement of your bathroom pendants, you may need to use weatherproof, IP rated light fittings. It is best to avoid fabric or rattan light shades that can encourage mold and mildew. Glass is the most popular material for bathroom pendant lights, because it is water resistant and easy to clean.

When choosing pendant lights for bathroom use, make sure you don’t choose a fitting that will alter the colour of light output, especially near mirrors or the vanity. You want to be able to see the true colour of your makeup and clothing when you put it on, not get a shock when you walk outside! The right choice of light bulb is also key, as a warm light can distort colour under it.

Bathroom pendant lighting works well in conjunction with other forms of lighting like downlights or wall lights, to ensure all parts of the room are lit evenly.

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