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Designer Pendant Lighting for Bathrooms

Pendants are a great way to glam up your bathroom and create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. 

Pendant Lights for Bathrooms – Things to Consider

Pendants are a popular choice for bathroom lighting and are mainly used as a decorative feature to add a touch of glam to the space.  Just keep in mind that there are a few things to consider when selecting your bathroom pendant light.

Depending on the placement of a pendant in the bathroom, you may need to use an IP rated light fitting or convert the light to low voltage.  It is best to consult your licensed electrician or our friendly team to ensure you pick the right and safest fitting for the space.

Also, consider the materials you choose for the pendant. Glass is our most recommend material to use in a bathroom because it creates that sparkle and luxe look, as well as being easy to clean.  With that said, metal pendant lights are also a suitable material to use and natural materials such as wood or rattan can also be used depending on proximity to water and steam.  Think about your bathroom style and which materials would go best.

Lastly, if thinking of placing pendants next to the vanity consider both light output and the colour temperature of the light bulb.  Choose a pendant that will diffuse light evenly, such as one with a glass shade, in order to minimise shadows on the face.  A pendant will mostly likely be used in conjunction with a down light to achieve this.  Also, you want to be able to see the true colour of your makeup when applying it, so go with a cool white colour temperature that will mimic the natural light outside.

Due to their decorative nature, bathroom pendant lights should be used as part of a combined lighting plan, including the use of down lights, ceiling fittings, wall lights and natural lighting.

What Height Should You Hang Vanity Pendant Lights?

The style of pendant and material of the shade will influence the hanging height. For glass or exposed bulb pendants, a general guide is to position them around eye level to eliminate shadows on the face. Pendant lights with metal shades should be hung a bit higher as this style of pendant disperses light downwards. 

Pendants over baths can create a bold statement and provide ambient lighting, however it is important to speak with your electrician prior to purchasing a pendant light intended for installation in this area. Wet areas are subject to stringent regulations so it’s best to seek advice and work out exactly what is possible in your room. Our expert team are also on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding bathroom lighting so contact us today to discuss your bathroom pendant lighting ideas.

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