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Narvik Pendant
Nordic Pendant
From $115.00
Polk Pendant
Pop Pendant
From $90.00 $150.00
Prisma Pendant
Raglan Pendant
Ralle Pendant
$115.00 $145.00
Rampi Pendant
Rashid Pendant
From $115.00
Razoni Wire Pendant
$136.00 $170.00
Revolve Pendant
Risto Pendant
From $52.00
Slim Pendant
Sloan Pendant
Soho Pendant
Strand Pendant
Titan Pendant
Tono Pendant
Ulric 1 Light
Zara Pendant
From $125.00

Black pendant lights are one of the most popular choices of lighting, and it’s not hard to understand why. Black pendants are incredibly versatile because the colour itself is so versatile. Pendant lights in a huge range of different materials and styles are available in black, which keeps your options wide open. Black pendant lights are appropriate for every room of the house, from your kitchen to your bedroom. Black can be sleek and contemporary, or it can have a classic, vintage feel, so there will always be something that will fit with your style of interior design. Whether you’re interested in matte black pendant lights or something shiny and metallic, such as copper pendants, we’ve got something for you.

Black pendant lights contrast perfectly with white walls, ceilings, cabinets and benchtops, forming a neutral monochrome base that can be accented with colour later. This is a huge benefit to people who like to switch out their home decor and stay on trend season by season. Of course, even if you decide to paint your walls, black pendant light fittings will still be a great fit for your space no matter what colour you choose.

103 results

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