Brass Pendants

Brass is a unique metal made by combining copper and zinc. It has always been popular for lights and other home furnishings thanks to its strength, durability and workability (how easy it is to shape for a particular use). It also doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful, shiny and looks a lot like gold! While brass lighting has been popular throughout history in the form of lamps and sconces, it has now taken on a more contemporary, stylish form.

Brass pendant lights come in a range of different styles and appearances. Some brass pendants are made entirely of brass, while others incorporate other materials that allow the brass to pop in contrast. This might include materials such as glass, matt black metal, or linen. A brass pendant light may feature a brass light shade, or a brass fitting with an exposed globe hanging on it.

Some popular styles of brass pendant light include cage pendant lights, vintage pendant lights, and industrial pendant lights. Of course, these aren’t the only styles available. Brass is an extremely versatile material that can work in any home, from a sleek modern apartment to a rustic farmhouse.

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