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Your dining room is a place where you can gather with loved ones, share important moments and celebrate milestones. It’s a place you bring visitors, so you want your dining room lighting to be both practical and eye-catching. Dining lighting schemes often include dining room pendant lights combined with down lights, wall lights and floor or table lamps. The right combination depends on the dimensions of the space you are working with.

The dining room is one of the most popular spots in the home for pendant lights. Pendant lights over dining table centres make a great centrepiece without getting in the way of guests trying to talk across the table. Dining table lights may provide ambient light, which creates a glow in the room, or may navigate light downward onto the table itself. A dining table pendant light should be hung low enough to minimise glare. You may choose to hang one single dining pendant light over the table, a row of pendants, or to cluster lights together. You may also consider dining room light fittings that have multiple bulbs or arms.

96 results

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