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Glass pendant lights are one of the most versatile types of pendants available. You can find a glass pendant light to suit any space and interior design style, since they come in such a large range of styles. Whether you’re looking for a clear glass pendant light or a smoked glass pendant light, a frosted pendant light, or coloured glass, there’s something for you.

Glass pendants may feature glass panels, glass beads, or other glass elements. You can find a glass pendant in almost any shape, from a glass ball pendant light to a teardrop shape or a beaded light shade.

Glass light pendants really make the most of light. They tend to help fill a space with ambient light, and make the light bulb a feature of the room. As well as being beautiful, glass pendant lighting is also extremely practical and easy to clean, which makes it a great choice for any room in the home.
Arcadia 1 Light
Arcadia 3 Light
Arcadia 6 Light
Atlanta Pendant
Belmont Pendant
Bollene Pendant
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Cordet Pendant
Cosmic Pendant

97 results

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