Kitchen Pendants

104 results
Risto Pendant
Risto Pendant
From $52.00
CLA Stone Cordset Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Tammy Pendant
Tammy Pendant
From $52.00
Cage Pendant - Medium
Telbix Aluminium Small Large Kay Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Kay Pendant
From $55.00
Cage Pendant - Large
Divo Pendant
Divo Pendant
From $63.00
Blackband Pendant - Pear
Tolosa Pendant
Blackband Pendant - Large Diamond
CLA Black Veneto Mesh Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Blackband Pendant - Curved
Blackband Pendant - Angled
Blackband Pendant - Small Diamond
Galahad Pendant - Medium
Slim Pendant
Sold Out
Slim Pendant
CLA Small Black Mesh Bell Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
CLA Black Iron and Timber Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
7w LED Tri-Colour Pendant
Cheveux Pendant - Dome
Blackband Pendant - Tubular
Aero Pendant
Aero Pendant
From $89.00
Medi Pendant
Medi Pendant
Telbix Black Timber Polk Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Polk Pendant
UGE Medium Black Cube Pop Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Pop Pendant
From $90.00 $150.00
CLA Red White Classic Modern Pendant Light - Lighting Lighting Lighting
UGE Ikon Concrete Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Spectra Pendant
Telbix Copper Polk Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Eglo Pratella Ceramic Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Harvard 1 Light Pendant
Mason Pendant - Tippled
Cougar Orpheus Glass Pendant - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Orpheus Glass Pendant
From $104.00
Stout Pendant
Stout Pendant
CLA Iron and Glass Industrial Fumoso Pendants - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Fumoso Ellipse Pendant
104 results

Bring your kitchen lighting ideas to life

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking, they are the heart of the home and it’s important to get the lighting right.  The best way to ensure you create the perfect lighting plan is to use layers of light and use a combination of directional and ambient light sources.  Downlights are great for general lighting but the addition of pendants over a kitchen island bench can give extra functional light as well as be a statement for the kitchen décor.  At Lighting Lighting Lighting we can help bring your kitchen lighting ideas to life and if you need advice our expert staff are just a phone call or email away.

Choosing the right pendant lights for kitchens

From sleek and modern to industrial and traditional styles, large or small, halogen or LED -  the options are endless so how do you pick the perfect pendant for your kitchen?

  • - Step back and look at the style of the space and choose something that compliments the look of the room. Monochromatic designs with clean lines will suit a more modern interior, while exposed globes and cage styles will work perfectly in an industrial or rustic setting.
  • - Consider the size of the area and where the pendant will be hung. What is your ceiling height? Will the pendant be hanging over a kitchen bench or will it be used as a feature light over a dining table? How big is the dining table? How long is the benchtop? Pick a shape and size that proportionately suits where it will go. Over a benchtop you may need multiple fittings depending on the length and over a dining table you may need a larger fitting or a cluster of smaller pendants.

View the space as a whole and try to work with the current features and design style of the room and if you need advice, contact our friendly staff for an expert opinion.

Shop kitchen lighting online

With a massive range of affordable kitchen pendants there’s no better place to shop online than Lighting Lighting Lighting. With all the latest styles and trends you will be sure to find the perfect pendant to suit your décor and give your kitchen the designer feel.