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Compared to traditional or vintage style lighting, with ornate flourishes and detailing, modern pendant lights reflect the Modern Art era and have several differentiating components.  Most modern pendant lights feature clean, straight lines with no additional detail.  These lines are crisper and sharper compared to curved, sweeping lines in vintage fittings. The use of metallic material is a big part of modern pendant lights, especially polished metals like chrome and steel. Colour is not used greatly in modern pendant lights, so sticking with black pendants or white pendants will help you achieve a modern look.

Accord Pendant
Aero Pendant
From $89.00
Belmont Pendant
Bevo Pendant
Bison Pendant
Debbie Pendant
From $104.00
Dusty Pendant
Emmett Pendant
Felix Pendant
Husk Pendant
From $73.00
Jacky Pendant
$120.00 $150.00
Keli Pendant

34 results

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