Exterior Wall Lights

96 results
Anglesea Exterior Wall Light
Apis LED Wall Light
Arch Wall Light
Aten Wall Light
Bes LED Wall Light
Bicheno Exterior Wall Light
Blake LED Bunker
Bodo Exterior Wall Light
Mercator Black Square Brenton Up Down LED Exterior Light - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Brugge Exterior Wall Light
Bulk Exterior LED Wall Light - Circle
Bulk Exterior LED Wall Light - Eyelid
Bulk Exterior LED Wall Light - Oval
Busselton Exterior Wall Light
Cahill LED Wall Light
Cahill LED Wall Light
From $49.00
Cambridge Exterior Wall Light
Cambridge Wall Light
Chester Exterior Wall Light
Coventry Exterior Wall Light - Large
Coventry Exterior Wall Light - Small
Dale LED Wall Light
Dante LED Up/Down Wall Light
Diego LED Adjustable Wall Light
Dromana LED Wall Light
Eaton LED Wall Light
Eclipse LED Swivel Wall Light - Large
Eclipse LED Swivel Wall Light - Small
Mercator Stainless Steel Up Down Exterior Wall Light - Lighting Lighting Lighting
Fargo Exterior Wall Light
Geb LED Wall Light
Genoa Exterior Wall Light
Glenelg Exterior Wall Light
Gomo LED Wall Light
Graz Exterior LED Wall Light
Grove Exterior Wall Bracket
Harvey LED Wall Light
96 results

Light up the exterior of your home with outdoor ceiling and wall lights

Whether you are wanting to light up your outdoor entertaining area, need protection with additional security lighting or simply want to highlight a garden feature you will find everything you need to light up your exterior at Lighting Lighting Lighting. With a variety of shapes, styles and colours available to suit all outdoor applications, from outback to seaside, if you need an outdoor light Lighting Lighting Lighting will have your needs covered.

Exterior lighting ideas

As Australians, we love our backyards and outdoor spaces and there’s nothing better than being able to use them all year round. Here’s some hints and tips to make the most of your outdoor spaces:

  • - Garden spikes are perfect for lighting trees and other natural elements. The idea of these lights is that they easily disappear into the surrounding shrubs or bushes, so the rest of the garden is a feature, rather than the fitting.
  • - Garden spotlights are wall-mounted lights that project light out into the garden. Large outdoor garden spotlights are great as security lighting and for lighting up open spaces, while smaller spotlights for garden use can highlight individual plants or trees.
  • - In ground lights are similar to garden spikes, but are sunk into concrete or another hard surface. The lights are kept completely out of the way, preventing damage and remaining unobtrusive during the day. If you want to keep all eyes on your garden night and day, in ground garden lights and in ground path lights are ideal.

Shop exterior wall lights online

Wall lights are a stylish and practical option to light up the exterior of your home. Performing many functions from highlighting house numbers or design features, adding security or creating ambience in a garden, there will be an outdoor wall light to suit the style of your home in our massive online range. Shop 24/7 and rest assured that our prices are the most competitive in the market, if you need advice or simply want to run your exterior lighting ideas by someone else our expert staff will listen and happily point you in the right direction.