Task Lamps

Your study should be a hub of work and productivity, and you shouldn’t have to worry about being able to see properly when you’re trying to get things done. Whether you’re paying your bills or working from home, your study lighting or home office lighting is there in the background making it all possible.

Study pendant lights are a popular choice for adding a little something special to your workspace. Study pendants may be hung in the centre of the room, or over the desk to provide light right where you need it without taking up valuable desk space like a lamp. Office pendant lights are available in a range of different styles to suit different decor, from cage pendant lights to copper pendant lights, glass pendant lights to concrete pendant lights.

Study pendant lighting may offer ambient light - a glow that lights everything around the room evenly - or directional task lighting, with a shade that navigates light downward. Pendant lights for study use can work in conjunction with other study lights like ceiling lights, floor or desk lamps, and wall lamps.

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