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Debbie Pendant
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Fiona Pendant
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Laya Pendant
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Moby Pendant
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Find the Perfect Timber Pendant Light

Timber is one of the most versatile materials available and works seamlessly with almost any style of interior design, so it’s easy to see why timber pendant lights are always a popular choice.

Why Choose Timber Pendant Lights?

Timber pendants add a warm, earthy and organic touch to any space, and work particularly well in contrast with harsh materials like metal, brick and concrete. From darker wood tones to pale Scandinavian shades, there is a timber pendant that to blend in with any home décor.  Whether mixed with muted tones of white and grey or contrasted against dramatic black or pops of colour, timber continues to have a strong presence in many Australian homes. Lighting Lighting Lighting has a large range of timber pendants to complete your space.

Can Timber Pendant Lights Be Used in A Bathroom?

Installing a pendant light in a bathroom is very on trend at the moment. Incorporating a stunning pendant over a bath or vanity can really add to the design aesthetic of the room. Timber pendants can certainly be installed in a bathroom, just ensure a licensed electrician carries out the installation as there are strict rules and regulations that must be followed. If you need any further advice contact your local electrical professional or ask our friendly team of lighting experts.

Shop Our Timber Pendant Light Collection Online

At Lighting Lighting Lighting, we are sure to have the timber pendant light you need for any room in the house. From small classic shapes perfect for a bedside or a larger geometric patterns that will create a statement over a dining table, our pendants have been hand selected from the world’s best lighting suppliers so you will find the pendant you need to suit your style and budget. From kitchens to bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways, timber is the perfect choice so shop our collection online now.

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