Vintage Pendants

‘Vintage lighting’ incorporates a huge range of different styles from all different periods of time, which helps explain why vintage pendant lights are such a popular choice. From art deco light fittings to French provincial lighting, antique and retro lights are in, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Since ‘vintage lights’ includes such a wide range of different things, it’s hard to put a finger on the exact reason why people love them so much. Vintage light fittings can be chosen to emphasise the history of a period home, or to provide contrast in a contemporary space. Retro light fittings may have an element of nostalgia attached which can make them appealing. They say ‘everything old is new again’, and when a vintage pendant light brings back a style that is no longer in vogue, it can actually be fresh and fashion-forward. The resurgence of exposed filament vintage light globes in recent years is a great example of this cycle.

From art deco pendant lights to vintage industrial lighting Australia, traditional pendant lighting to antique pendant lights, there are vintage pendant lights and retro pendant lights for everyone.

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