W200 SX Cube LED Wall Light

The smaller version of the W900 SX Cube wall light, the W200 SX Cube can be paired with the other designs in the collection of surface-mounted wall lights to create orientation lighting, ambient feature walls and geometric artworks. The straight-edged form of the of the W200 SX Cube wall light is designed to align perfectly with the square edges of rooms, creating clean lines and a minimalist, modern look.

Featuring protractible base, a 360° body rotation and universal gimballing, the W200 SX Cube provides multiple options for shaping its Tru-Colour beam – providing the ability to play with light and shadow like never before. In addition to increasing thermal and sound insulation, each design in our collection of flexible, surface-mounted wall lights is cast from pure aluminium and hand finished – providing adaptability and unmatched quality.


Colour Temperature: 3000k

Fascia Colour: White, Silver

Wattage: 6W

Input Voltage: 36v

Lumens: 200lm

Beam Angle: 180o/20o

Gimbal Angle: 300 Universal

Dimmable: No

IP Rating: IP22

Tru-Colour: Yes

Warranty: 7 Years



Width: 78mm

Height: 76mm

Depth: 64mm

Hole cut-out: 20mm square

Cable Length: 1.5m

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